It is the Mission of ClaffeyLP to provide entertainment and comedy to a global audience by creating quality content though all our available channels. Our loving, caring, and cooperative team will help bridge the divide of this world and provide a healthier tomorrow.

Meet Our Team


The creator of all of this, Claffey. He spends his time at work, recording, streaming, editing, writing, and officiating. In his very little free time, he spends it with his four cats, with his fiancée, or sleeping. He also spends an unhealthy amount of time watching sports and following his favorite team: The Tampa Bay Lightning. He also finds time to watch the Cincinnati Reds, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and the Ottawa RedBlacks. He also spends time writing, inspired by his favorite author, Orson Scott Card. If you see Claffey, be sure to say hello! We hear he doesn’t bite.


The best friend of the creator, Conner. He shows up at the most random times, but when he visits, you know it’s going to be a good time. As he puts it, he has a varied (dark, dry, punny, raunchy, witty, etc.) sense of humor. He is also the main source of income when it comes to the swear jar. When he’s not hanging out with us at ClaffeyLP, he’s hanging out with his other best friend. He’s a musician and working to teach music to the souls that may or may not want that information. You know the type.


The wife of the creator, Olivia. She may be quiet and reserved, but if you get her talking about anything she loves, you won’t be disappointed. She is the most professional one here, and although we know that doesn’t say much, it should. When she isn’t here, she is working to finish her schooling and become a zoo keeper at an AZA accredited zoo. She is also hanging with her best friends, and Claffey, for some reason. She is always looking for animal pictures, so be sure to share those pics with us! We say it’s for her, but we all know it’s for us.