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ClaffeyLP was built, at first, totally as a Let’s Play YouTube channel. For those who don’t know, Let’s Play channels are places where someone (Claffey) would play a bunch of video games, and the originality of the content was from the commentary the player would provide. Most Let’s Play channels were closely tied in to comedy, making you laugh and shrug at what was said, or done, on the video.

That was all that ClaffeyLP was supposed to be. Claffey Let’s Play. That’s it. End of story. As time passed, the name grew into something more. It grew into more than just a name. Facebook was added, then Twitter. It was more than just a YouTube channel. ClaffeyLP quickly became the name of official business of Christopher Claffey, the founder.

ClaffeyLP was a place where people could come together, and work together to feel better. The YouTube channel was created because of the need, and want, of Claffey to be able to reach out to anyone who was feeling depressed, or had anxiety about the future. Video games make anyone forget about the future or the present. They become focused on the game itself, the world inside the game. It was a way to escape reality.

Interesting enough, the future for ClaffeyLP follows the same flight plan. Writing has become a hobby for Claffey, and he is now able to share his stories with the world. Through writing, we are able to fall into a world that isn’t our own. A world where you can get lost, and for a brief second, forget the troubles, fears, and hate of this world. The future is bright for something that seemed so small.

This is a complete archive of the Let’s Play Era on ClaffeyLP. All of the major Let’s Plays’ playlists can be found on this page. The Let’s Play Era began on April 27, 2013, and ended on December 31, 2016.

Major Let's Plays

Luigi's Mansion (NGC) Playlist 13 Episodes
Super Monkey Ball 2 (NGC) Playlist 20 Episodes
Paper Mario (N64) Playlist 48 Episodes
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (NGC) Playlist 4 Episodes
Sonic Colors (Wii) Playlist 13 Episodes
Centipede (PC) Playlist 29 Episodes
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (NGC) Playlist 54 Episodes
Side By Side Battle (Various) Playlist 12 Episodes
Minecraft [Single Player] (PC) Playlist 134 Episodes
Minecraft [Multiplayer] (PC) Playlist 11 Episodes
Super Mario Sunshine (NGC) Playlist 16 Episodes (DNF)
Last Play (Various) Playlist 12 Episodes

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