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ClaffeyLP Tonight Live

The flagship show on ClaffeyLP, ClaffeyLP Tonight. Hosted by Claffey, and usually joined by a special guest (AKA another ClaffeyLP team member). Streaming every Sunday night from 9pm-11pm eastern (6pm-8pm pacific). If you miss a stream, highlights are uploaded every Wednesday to our YouTube channel. The entire library is also available on YouTube!

Weekly @ 9p-11p ET (6p-8p PT) (YouTube)

Claffey Blindly Plays

Claffey plays through games that he has no idea how to play. The show is both comical and rage inducing. Released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday over on our YouTube channel.

Series 1: Pokémon Fire Red

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. (YouTube)

Free Steam Showcase

Claffey hosts a show playing through the best free games Steam has to offer. Who knows what we are going to see or find next? This show is uploaded occasionally and has no set dates.

Uploads every few weeks. (YouTube)